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Important Note For Windows Vista Users using strict UAC:

Under windows vista both your game and Game Cam XPress must be run with the same credentials.

if you right click your Game Cam XPress shortcut and click [Run As Administrator], you must do the same thing when launching your game. if you run Game Cam XPress with default UAC credentials then you must also run your game with default UAC credentials.

Keep in mind that some games will install shortcuts that are pre-configured to launch the game with Administrator credentials.
This tutorial briefly explains all of the Game Cam XPress features.

In-Game Indicator Back To Top
In-Game Indicator:
1. When Game Cam XPress is loaded but not recording you will see a little white box in the top left corner of your game screen.
2. When Game Cam XPress is recording you will see a little red box in the top left corner of your game screen.

Options Window (HotKey) Back To Top
Recording Hotkey:
1. Highlight the Hotkey option with your mouse and then press the hotkey you would like to use for toggling in-game recording on and off.

Options Window (Frame Size) Back To Top
Video Frame Size:
1. Video Output Frame Size: This is the frame size of your saved movie file. There are 4 modes to choose from (Full size, half size, quarter size and Internet Compatible). Internet Compatible will create a video that is compatible with most video hosting website such as YouTube. Default is Quarter size. Full size, half size and Internet Compatible mode are registered features.

Options Window (Audio Capture) Back To Top
Audio Capture:
1. Highlight the Audio Capture option with your mouse and then select On if you would like to capture in-game audio or Off if you do not want to capture in-game audio.
2. The audio settings you have configured in your Windows Control Panel will be used when capturing audio.

AVI Video Manager Back To Top
AVI Video Manager:
1. The Video Manager is accessible via the Game Cam icon in your system tray and currently supports Game Cam recorded movies in AVI format.
2. Provides the ability to change your movies title and play or delete your movies.
3. Displays your movie thumbnail, duration, file name and title.

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